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About the Book
No matter what your goals are, we all share the common desire of wanting to feel good physically and emotionally. My knowledge on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and the human body has shown me that complete wellness is something that is within anyone’s grasp. My experience in working with real people who want to reach their health and fitness goals has revealed that optimal body performance is easier to achieve than most people realize and that the first, and most important step in transformation, is education.
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Mark Alvisi
is a former Mr. USA and IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Champion. He has dedicated his adult life to health, wellness and fitness, owning successful sports nutrition and supplementation companies as well as an exclusive personal training business. This book reflects over 20 years of education that Mark has gained and as a culmination of his journey in the bodybuilding, and overall wellness fields. The Sano (which is “health” in Italian) System is Mark’s way of sharing his journey with you and providing you the tools to your own wellness from within.
40 Pages of simple to follow steps to help guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

Part 1 - About Mark

I would need to transform myself on the inside before I could reach my goals on the outside.

Part 2 - Diet and Nutrition

When our body is fueled by the wrong foods, it lacks the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to fire on all cylinders.

Part 3 - Vitamins and Supplements

Taking a supplement is a realistic way for us to get the nutrients we need without having to get our required amount from food only.

Part 4 - Exercise and Physical Fitness

The world’s most successful people are physically active on a regular basis and it is simply part of their way of life.

Part 5 - Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are critical to any health and fitness plan. It’s during the rest period when muscle growth occurs, and the body can repair and strengthen itself.

Part 6 - A Final Word From Mark

I encourage you to come back to this book and these basics throughout your wellness journey.

Melinda T.

After reading Mark's Ebook, I was inspired and motivated to get my health back in line.  The book is simple to follow and find myself going back to it for information and inspiration. 

Destiny H.

Health is key to my life.  After reading Mark's book, i understand that health is not the gym and newest diet plan.  By focusing on my nutrition, exercise and supplementation I finally feel healthy.  Thanks Mark!
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